Basements are known for being dark, dirty, and scary. So why would you want one in your beautiful home? Because they're not always what they seem. When it comes to Basement Finishing by BTF Construction, we can help you build a beautiful space so you can escape the mundane without moving.

Whether you have a big or small space, we have the solution that's perfect for you. The great thing about our company is that while other contractors may only be able to work with certain styles of finishings, no matter how old or new your home--we're master renovators and will make sure your new basement looks beautiful on any budget!

“I had BTF Construction replace my deck with a larger one. It came out excellent and I have referred him to 4 friends. They also did my father’s large concrete staircase.”
Todd M.
Centennial, CO
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“Within a week, the work was done and the patio looks amazing! He and his crew are professional and prompt and I highly recommend them to anyone.”
Casey P.
Aurora, CO
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  • Builds your home's resale value
  • A great place for relaxation and entertainment 
  • Enhances the quality of life in your home with a new area to use for so many things such as a gym, game room, or home theater.

Experience is Everything

We’ve been serving the Denver area since 1995 with our goal to exceed expectations on every job. Specializing in custom deck building, residential concrete, and general residential contracting.